Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stop searching your passion !

stop following your passion
Do you love your job ?
Do you think you have your dream job ?
Do you have a passion that defined by your job ?
Do you think if you quited your job , you are lost ?
Do you have the courage to shift your career ?
Have you ever asked yourself what i supposed to do ?
How many times you have been listening to talks or speeches telling you to follow your passion !
but have you ever asked yourself “what is your passion ?”
passion isn’t a plan , passion is a feeling … and guess what ! feelings change
you may be passionate about a person , a job or whatever and the next day you feel nothing toward them .

                 “ a stretched mind with experiences , will never take the same dimensions “

which means you are not the person who you used to be the last year , the last month or even the last day , obviously your opinions toward everything change by time .
your childhood dreams to become a doctor , your dream to be a musician or athlete when you were a teenager isn’t the same when you became a college student , that’s why your passion is always change within time .

“What about following your skills ?”
i believe every human begins does something great, follow that thing you are actually really good at and that maybe your passion .

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Do you have a goal ?

do you have a goal 
is it easy  to be accomplished ?

 traveling the world , starting a business , learning a new language ... we all have a big goals we want to accomplish , setting a goals is easy
what about accomplishing them? that's where it gets hard , we may start the new year with plenty of motivation , energy and determination but often time we lose steam. and before you know another year has passed and we are no closer to living the life we want
  that's why you have to keep in mind a few steps to accomplish your goals

1- S.M.A.R.T Goals
smart goal is a good way to stay focus on and define your goal

Specific : state exactly what you want to accomplish "who,what,where,why"
Measurable : how will you demonstrate and evaluate the extent to which the goal has been met
 Achievable : stretch and challenging goals within ability to achieve outcome . what is the action-oriented verb?
Relvent : how does the goal tie into your key responsibilities , how is it aligned to objectives
Time-bound : set one or more target dates , the "by when" to guide your goals to success

if your goals doesn't meet the previous criteria , you need to rework until it does

2- It takes1760 small steps to run a mile
having a big goal makes us sometimes feel afraid , however it's easy to face small ones ... you will never run in one leap it takes 1760 to finish a mile
start by listing the steps will take you closer to your big goal
it's not only the big decisions can impact our lives but also the small ones do  

3- am i in the right way
now you have smaller goals but are you on the right way
you need to review your progress time to time to follow up on your updates toward the small steps those lead you to your biggest goal

4- keep going
starting a new year is not the only time you can create a plan , only if you need to set up a plan just do it not wait the right time , the right conditions , just keep going on your plan and follow your goals