Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stop searching your passion !

stop following your passion
Do you love your job ?
Do you think you have your dream job ?
Do you have a passion that defined by your job ?
Do you think if you quited your job , you are lost ?
Do you have the courage to shift your career ?
Have you ever asked yourself what i supposed to do ?
How many times you have been listening to talks or speeches telling you to follow your passion !
but have you ever asked yourself “what is your passion ?”
passion isn’t a plan , passion is a feeling … and guess what ! feelings change
you may be passionate about a person , a job or whatever and the next day you feel nothing toward them .

                 “ a stretched mind with experiences , will never take the same dimensions “

which means you are not the person who you used to be the last year , the last month or even the last day , obviously your opinions toward everything change by time .
your childhood dreams to become a doctor , your dream to be a musician or athlete when you were a teenager isn’t the same when you became a college student , that’s why your passion is always change within time .

“What about following your skills ?”
i believe every human begins does something great, follow that thing you are actually really good at and that maybe your passion .

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